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“Scotty! Beam me straight to YUM!!!”

The world’s a pretty crazy place these days.  Recession.  Wars all over the place.  Death.  Taxes.  Why doesn’t any of this stuff ever change?  I dunno.  How about sweetening up this world a little bit.  Homemade honey/almond halva.  What’s in it?  Try taheni, honey, almonds, pinch ‘o salt.  That’s it.   Fresh toasted almond buttercrunch.  The almonds taste fresh toasted because they are.  Mexican chocolate caramels.  Made with Mexican chocolate.  Tastes real chocolatey, salty, cinnamony, not so sweet.  Maple fluff, MAPLE FLUFF???  You bet.  No corn syrup in anything.  Ever.  Sweeten up.  Have some fun.

2 thoughts on “About Ambrosia

  1. Mary shelton

    Hope you are working on the tootsie rolls for New jersey.
    Let me know so that I can pay you.
    If six boxes is not doable, I would take 4 or even six.
    My grandaughter bought your tootsie rolls at Okemo last summer, and brought them here to Nj. After sharng with her big family here, there were none left to take to her home in London. I am hoping to have some here for her when she arrives from London June 6.

  2. Rachel Fried

    I love Ambrosia Confections!!! Best salted caramel I’ve ever had, and I’m also a huge fan of the honey thyme truffles.


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